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Southeast Asia offers lifetime travel experiences to all kinds of travellers, be it an adventure, spiritual, cultural, natural, or historical aficionados. This picturesque region is a medley of thrills and tranquillity. Let’s explore the top seven things that you must do while in Southeast Asia.

Admire the ancient temples of Bagan from a Hot air balloon, Myanmar: Once the capital of several influential Burmese Kingdoms, the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar was described as ‘one of the finest world sights’ by Marco Polo. Today, Bagan holds a staggering legacy of about 2,200 original temples, stupas, and pagodas that make up one of Asia’s richest archaeological sites and one of the world’s most renowned UNESCO heritage sites. Witness the beauty and appreciate these magnificent religious sites clustered across Old Bagan by drifting overhead the Ayeyarwady plain in a hot air balloon. You’ll be spellbound by the surreal sunrise bathing the Old Bagan in golden light, a perfect postcard picture.

Watch the Alms-giving ceremony in Luang Prabang (Laos): While in Luang Prabang, you’ll witness several centuries-old cultural traditions and Buddhist practices. One of the main draws of Luang Prabang is the Tak Bat ceremony, which is one of the longest-standing rituals in Laos Buddhist culture. It is now a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage site. Wake up before sunrise and get enchanted by the evocative sight of hundreds of saffron-clad monks receiving alms in the Old town. A quintessential experience that you can’t miss!

Dive into Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat, Indonesia: Those who love diving should head to Raja Ampat, an archipelago featuring more than 1,500 islands scattered around the easternmost part of Indonesia.  With the richest coral reef ecosystems on the planet, this wonderful archipelago and ‘underwater amazon’ nestled in the Coral Triangle are recognized as the planet’s most biodiverse marine environment. It’s only accessible by boat.

Get spellbound while cruising among Karsts of Phang Nga Bay, Thailand: Glide leisurely between the towering limestone islets, mainly inhabited by monkeys and other wildlife, by way of a local-style longtail boat or a sea kayak if you’re feeling more adventurous. If you’re more into taking aesthetic pictures, explore the captivating coastlines of Phuket and Krabi to capture picturesque bays and paranormal beaches. Oh! don’t forget to admire the Phang Nga Bay, karsts bulging out of sky-blue waters, and the iconic island ‘James Bond Island.’

Say hello to orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia: Wildlife enthusiasts add this unforgettable travel experience of observing the orangutans in the last remaining natural habitats. Experience Kalimantan’s dense primate rainforests by boarding a local vessel and taking an “orangutan Borneo river cruise”. Additionally, you can watch some other amazing endemic wildlife within the protected national parks of Indonesia. One of the most renowned National parks for exploration is Tanjung Putting.

Ride on the paranormal Mekong River: As one of the longest rivers in Southeast Asia and among the world’s most breathtaking trenches, the legendary Mekong River is a source of livelihood, unforgettable voyages, and the possession of fables. Mekong river takes you to the unexplored parts of inland. Explore the Lower Mekong River’s strides through Vietnam and Cambodia, including its picturesque stilt-house villages, lively floating markets, and crumbling Khmer temples. Plus, the pulsating cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. 

Get on Holang Bay’s cruise to witness an enthralling seascape: If you want to experience the surreal seascape and the mythical caves, grottoes, and lagoons, get on a night cruise of Holang Bay. It’s one of the greatest natural wonders and a World Heritage site. There are more than 2,000 limestone islands and islets rising out of the emerald-hued waters of the Gulf of Tonkin in this vast ‘Bay of Descending Dragons.’